Best Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review 2018 A Perfect Guideline to Buy

Are you looking to add definition, style and creative power in your sewing? Or, would you like to create it in embroidery? Sewing can furnish your design ideas. And, embroidery machines are where to take your craft to the next level. Both are required if you want to create wonderful sewing and creative embroidery.

So, to minimize cost and space don’t you prefer the combination of both sewing and embroidery machine?

A sewing and embroidery machine in the same pack! The best sewing and embroidery machine has the capability to sew wonderful stitches and pick excellent embroidery design as per your needs.

Still, if you are facing confusion to make a choice, the good news is, you come in the right place. Our best sewing and embroidery machine reviews are dedicated to helping you, to find your desired machine.

What Is a Sewing and Embroidery Machine ?

To start, you must get a clear idea of what is a sewing and embroidery machine, what are the main components of them and how they work.

In simple words, a sewing machine is a machine that used to stitch different materials together with thread. In ancient time people used to sew together with the help of their hands. It’s a manual process and takes too much time to stitch a piece of fabrics. But as time passed and advance technology emerged, the sewing machine invented and changed the art of sewing system.

On the other hand, embroidery machines are those machines that can do embroidery. They come with a similar concept of sewing machines but in more advanced technology. It’s a decorative stitches technique. Usually, multiple stitch patterns and colours combine together to create a new design or pattern on fabrics. This machine contains pre-programmed fonts and patterns that create embroidery into fabric automatically with fewer users’ intervention.

Different Types of Sewing and Embroidery Machines

There are great deals of sewing and embroidery machines available on the current market. For your better understanding, we provide different types of both machines separately. It will help you to understand their individual functionality.  So, have a look at them,

Types of Sewing Machines   

Models of sewing machine are still found in different variations. In order to choose the best one, you’ll need to look what specific types of machine you need.

  • Manual Sewing Machine

These are basic sewing machines that can run either automatically or use hand Pedal. Many of these machines built with a dozen of internal stitches so you can customize easily curtains, clothes and quilt etc.

  • Electronic Sewing Machine

Usually used by people who do a lot of sewing in order to save energy and time. These machines typically offer built-in stitches, touchpad controls, import designs and LCD screen. This is the best sewing machine in its class have a USB port and 100 or above of stitch patterns. Moreover, they have a proper control over accuracy and speed of stitches

  • Mechanical Sewing Machine

It is simpler and straightforward to use than electronic. They can operate in the same way as manual, but it everything is designed in a fully automated way. So, you don’t need to worry about thread tension.

  • Serger Sewing Machines

Typically, this one is used for cutting and sewing layers of cloth in terms of hemming and edging. It helps you to create highly customize items like ruffles.

  • Embroidery Machines

This machine is worked by using a needle and a hoop. You can move the hoop on all sides as needle sews. You can start by expanding the material over a hoop and then place the hoop under the needle. In this, you have the ability to monogramming and embroidery in different projects like pillowcase, bedspreads and garments etc.

Moreover, another sewing machine gives you the option to sew other heavy duty items like leather etc. By analysing the entire category, choose the one that is perfect for you.


Types of Embroidery Machines

Embroidery is a difficult framework that requires more time and skill. Fortunately, today several embroidery machines are available based on users’ interest. However, embroidery machines can fall into 2 basic categories,

  • Novice

Novice users should go with the basic embroidery machines. This machine offers some built-in patterns rather any fancy features. They also give you some customizing options to pump up your creativity. A basic embroidery machine is perfect for those who never tired embroidery before.

  • Experience/ Professional

Professional users should look for rich features with lots of variations. They need to look for a machine that allows them the ability to modify the downloaded patterns from the machine itself. Also, have the options to import the design and patterns directly from the internet.

However, based on the needle embroidery machine can fall into mainly 2 types,

  • Single Needle

This type of machine has just one needle on the head. It’s fairly easy to use and found in online and sew shops. But the problem is a bit slower to complete any design.

  • Multi-needle

It has multiple needles, usually between 4 to 8 needles on the head. In this type no need to change the thread manually, it’s automatically done. And, it provides more precise and faster work than a single needle.

Actually, single needle embroidery machine is sufficient for home use. On the other hand, professional users prefer multi-needle to complete their projects with ease. When you pick up your best one, remember these criteria. These will help you chose the one that meets your necessity.


How Is a Sewing Machine Different Than an Embroidery Machine?

Even with lots of similarities one major distinguishing feature makes sewing and embroidery machines different from each other. The fundamental difference is-

  • The sewing machine does regular stitches also called constructive stitches. This is a practical way of sewing. Constructive stitches are involves in sewing two stitches together to make a piece of fabric functional and finishing the edge of one piece of fabrics etc. All sewing stitches can be done by machine or hand. That means they are a concern with basic requirements.
  • Embroidery machine does embroidery stitches. It involves sewing design on fabric to create an excellent work of art. It is more considered as an art form than a primarily decorative. Using this machine embroiderer allows making Uniform with aesthetic pleasant stitches. Mainly their primary concerns are art and style.

In short, the embroidery machine is a cost-effective way to deliver an artwork with the latest technology. On the other hand, a sewing machine is a work with the functionality.

Do You Prefer a Combo Machine?

A combination sewing and embroidery machine is very versatile and useful if you want to create an embroidered hats and baseball caps. So, you may wonder what this one machine can perform both functions in suffice manner.  Now the question is whether you prefer sewing and embroidery combo pack or just embroidery or sewing machine, this is up to you.  But I’m bringing this up because investing is an important factor. If you buy a sewing machine and then feel the necessity of an embroidery machine then it cost a lot of money rather pick one that does both. If you only like the sewing machine or embroidery machine or combo machines pick that one basis on your preferences.

Our Recommended Best Sewing and Embroidery Machine

As a lover of sewing and embroidery machines, you always search for a great value for your money. For your concern, we have made a list of great options from which you can pick the exact machine you need.

Best Seller Machine

1. Brother SE400 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

The SE400 is one of the best computerized sewing and embroidery machine to deliver high-end performance. This new breed sewing machine brings innovative design and experience to the industry by Brother. As it comes with high-end technology so, it can fantastically perform throughout a commercial and domestic level. However, this machine comes with a notable range of embroidery design to make it a durable tool. For those who want to customize their designs with embroidery, is the perfect option. Indeed, this machine will complement your sewing skills.

Benefits and Features

  • Built-in 67 stitches
  • 70 inbuilt design
  • 5 lettering fonts
  • 120 framing pattern
  • 4×4 inch embroidery area
  • LCD touchscreen and display

USB Port

No matter how many embroidery designs you have, sooner or later you might need something different. Connectivity to a computer via USB port allows you to access unlimited design you want for your craft. Also, you can design your own pattern or buy from sites such as By integrating with this site; you can easily purchase thousands of designs that are directly downloaded to the SE400. These are exclusive design to Brother Users and can purchase on a pay-per-design basis. The best part is you have not limited rather thousands of options are there to downloads and import patterns.

LCD Touchscreen

Brother SE400 comes with a highly responsive and splendid quality LCD touchscreen. It is well-lit and displays all the things in an organized manner. For that reason, users have the opportunity to effortlessly and conveniently alternate to the operation with just a single press. You can control all the sewing and embroidery functions via LCD display. To navigate the display you can either touch the icons with fingers or use included a stylus. Yet, Brother promotes the stylus to keep your screen neat and clean.

Automatic Needle Threader

For sewing, community threading looks like a pain to do. But with this model that worry simply ended. This model is designed in a way so that it can be able to do it on its own. Now you can thread without the help of magnifying glass or tweezers.


  • Easy and fast threading
  • Tutorial offers through the LCD screen
  • Comes with lot of accessories
  • Free arm design
  • Comes with a twin needle
  • Large area for embroidery task


  • Needles break easily
  • Bobbing case need to clean frequently due to built-in sensor


Consequently, Brother SE400 is one of the best sewing and embroidery machine in the current market has to offer. It is famous for the combination of sewing and embroidery function in one model.

Best for Beginner to Expert Level

Brother SE1800 Sewing and Embroidery Machine with Grand Slam Package

Brother SE1800 is the perfect combination of sewing and embroidery machine. Unlike the other combo machine, this models’ every bit is not just good but also nicely designs. It’s a popular embellishing and sewing package that goes an extra mile in both its embroidery capabilities as well as sewing functionality. To unleash your innovativeness, this model has endless possibilities. However, the real icing on the cake is Grand Slam Embroidery Package comes with the product. Based on flexibility and profession design, this is something anyone can pick as the best of the best option.

Benefits and Features

  • 5 x 7-inch embroidery area
  • LCD touchscreen
  • 136 inbuilt design
  • 6 lettering font
  • Built-in 184 sewing stitches
  • Embroidery hoop 5 x 12 inch
  • 15,000 embroidery design CD

Convenient Options

Even though this model offers 136 built-in embroidery designs, 6 lettering fonts but technically it has an unlimited number of stitches due to its USB connectivity and LCD screen. Just a few clicks and you can find almost any design from online. Even, design can also import via USB port and users can use them by using the appropriate software. Additionally, there are 10 different frame shapes and 12 border styles available in the machine. With the help of design editing feature, design can be rotated and edited. Moreover, inbuilt 10 buttonholes styles automatically sized to confirm the ease of use. Lastly, these various options will definitely inspire your creativity.

Side Sewing

Side sewing is one of the amazing features of SE1800. In this situation you can either sews in the vertical direction or horizontally. It works excellent for cylindrical and applique sewing. More to that it allows users to use it horizontally. So, never will need to worry about botched corner while you sewing rectangle and square pattern. Even less fabric rotated in this manner. Over and above, this machine will get the work quite faster than most combination machines out there.


As the Grand Slam Package includes with it so, you will find a wide range of amazing accessories. These include a protective case, 11 sewing feet, embroidery thread pool, a twin needle, 4 bobbins, a needle pack, sock hoop, cap hoop, stabilizer scissors, and more. The protective carrying case is truly a beautiful addition to this model. It’s very well built and looks compact and practical. Indeed, this case does a great job at protecting it from dust.


  • Excellent for both sewing and embroidery
  • Built-in memory for unlimited design
  • Ease to use
  • Entire Grand Slam Package includes with it


  • Bit expensive in beginner POV (Point of view)
  • Might facing complicated for unskilled users

Everything a hobbyist or home-based business owner needs, can find in this Brother SE1800 model. Its vast range of features, functions and accessories make it worthy enough. Moreover, it is one of the best brother sewing and embroidery machine.

Best Machine for Monogram

  3.Brother LB6800PRW sewing and embroidery machine

In both sewing and embroidery machine, few can perform dual functions and produce high-quality work. With the exception, Brother LB6800PRW is one can easily outpace any combo machine. It is a computer-based machine and incorporates a multitude designs. A notable range of features enables you to make complex and impressive work. Apart from that, this 2-in-1 combination is the best suited machine for any professional embroiderer.

Benefits and Features

  • Embroidery hoop 4 by 4 inches
  • 67 sewing patterns
  • 120 frames for pattern design
  • 70 inbuilt design concepts
  • 5 options for lettering fonts
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Bright lighting workspace
  • USB connectivity
  • 7 points dog feeds
  • One click thread cutter
  • Project Runway rolling bag
  • Inbuilt tutorials

Computer Connectivity

People don’t like to use the same preset designs that everyone uses. They want some uniqueness in their embroidery work. So, the thing is creativeness doesn’t follow any limitations. So, in this case, you can import the designs and also purchase from and other sites via USB port. USB cables also include it. Even you can update the machine to the latest version using USB to up-to-date with the current world. Brothers also update their machine software to improve sewing experience. All in all, this machine is totally computerized so you can enjoy all advanced level options.

Sewing Stitches and Design Built-in

You will simply overwhelm with the machines 67 inbuilt stitches, which include everything from utility to heirloom, quilting and decorative. Through the LCD screen, you can rapidly find the best design for you. All the stitches are very impressive to make fashionable clothes including home decor items. Moreover, because of its stitches variation it is also well known as best sewing machine with embroidery and quilting.

It also comes across with 70 built-in embroidery designs. These wide ranges of patterns are packed with a holiday, floral, kids and animal designs.

Even, there are 5 nifty fonts and 120 frame patterns also available. Customization options for design are simply amazing. Moreover, these embroidery patterns and designs help beginners to make delicate work.

User-friendly Touch Screen LCD

The Brother LB6800PRW incorporates with easy to use touch screen that provides super access and control via LCD panel. It designs with stitches, framing, patterns as well as all the exciting embroidery features. In addition, with this, you can also view the tutorials on the LCD screen. In case of editing, you also do that by using the LCD display.


  • Come up with bundle of innovative features
  • Inbuilt stitches for all types of fabrics and needs
  • Easily edit and upload new design
  • Lot of accessories
  • Flawless operation in any kind of fabrics


  • Some find a problem with the hoop. It’s can’t upsize.
  • Foot paddle comes out of the side

On top of that, Brother LB-6800PRW is an elegant machine that offers great value for money. It offers high-quality features as you can expect in a professional machine.

Best Machine For Travel

4.EverSewn Hero – 400-Stitch

The EverSewn Hero is a very lightweight and compact machine. This quality makes it surprisingly portable in case of travelling or working purposes. However, this pleasant and easy-to-use machine might be a good companion for any beginner level sewing and embroidery lovers. Regardless of powerful features, it considers as an underrated or under-appreciated machine. Apart from that, there are plenty of reasons to love this machine. Just have a look,

Benefits and Features

  • Computerized connectivity
  • Lightweight, robust and compact
  • LCD screen
  • Amazing 400+ stitches concepts
  • 40 inbuilt designs for embroidery
  • Embroidery field size up to 110mm x 170mm
  • 6.5-inch work table
  • USB port
  • Comes with 8 preset feet
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Downloadable embroidery software

Special Monitoring Quality

EverSewn Hero incorporates with a special warning feature for needle and bobbin thread. It indicates while the thread is low. In the situation, when the upper thread finish or breaks, the machine will stop automatically. This is a very excellent option to make sure the quality of the design stays consistent. Moreover, this advantageous option allows you to provide proper concentration in your work.

Embroidery Hoop

The Hero has an embroidery module that is consists of a slide. The area used for embroidery work is 110x170mm. A USB port has incorporated with the module for import embroidery designs and also to connect various storage devices. As we know creativity doesn’t end. So, with help of these designs, you can easily come up your own creative embroidery work.

LCD Screen Display

The LCD screen is the main control panel of this Hero sewing and embroidery machine. Navigation is facilitated through LCD display. This display has come in three operating modes: normal, memory, and embroidery. There are multitude range of functions discover. All the functions appear on the display so that the users can easily select and make a beautiful design on fabrics. Indeed, thanks to the display- for change, edit as well as control all the parameters.


  • Large embroidery area
  • Exclusive 400+ stitches
  • Robust quality
  • Flawless monitoring feature
  • Perfect for travel machine


  • Only 40 inbuilt design

Moreover, the EverSewn Hero is a solid machine with a lot of fantastic sewing capabilities. It delivers an extremely pleasant design and layout for the users. Even, its bit higher than other models, can consider as best machine out there.

Best Sewing and Embroidery Machine for Beginners

  5.Brother SE270D Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother SE270D is one of the user-friendly machines. The concept of this model was inspired by Disney. This word “Disney “tells you all the things that you want to know. It is considered as a very sophisticated kind of machine that will help you to enjoy the quality whether you’re sewing or embroidery. Even it is very easy to use but it can consider as cultural combination machine.

Benefits and Features

  • Embroidery area 4″ x 4″
  • Including 27 Disney characters
  • 70 designs includes seasonal, floral and more
  • 5 embroidery monogram fonts
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Maximum embroidery speed 400 stitch per minute
  • Inbuilt 98 stitch designs
  • Built-in memory card
  • Bilingual–English and Spanish instruction machine
  • Quick load thread system

Built-in Designs and Memory Card Slot

Brother SE270D sewing and embroidery machine has a good range of designs that will help you to pump up your creativity. The 97 inbuilt embroidery designs are really unique and beautiful. Design includes 70 seasonal and floral themes; 27 Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and its friends etc. In addition, the 5 inbuilt embroidery monograms come in 3 different sizes. These lettering fonts help you to create wonderful design and pattern on fabrics. You can select a design from LCD screen and edit it accordingly.

Memory card slot this machine has equally compatible with the Disney and Brother Embroidery card collection.

4 by 4-inch Embroidery Area

While embroidery area is 4 x 4-inch, this machine comes up with 2 functions at the same time. The area is not as large as some expensive machines. But most of the machines have this same size of embroidery field on the market.

Quick Loading Thread

The exclusive quick cassette system present in SE270D. Just follow three easy steps to load the thread. First, simply put the spool of thread into the cassette. Then, tuck it into the machine. And then see needle is automatically threaded.

Bobbin Winding System

It comes with an easy and fast single-step bobbin winding system. You just drop your bobbin and put the thread into the set and then start your work rapidly.


  • 27 Disney designs
  • One touch start/stop option
  • Easy to use
  • Quick needle threaded


  • 4”x4” is bit small that can reduce you design creation
  • Comes up with few features

Over and above, Brother SE270D is the best buy product for any users like professionals or part-time hobbyist. It’s also best sewing and embroidery machine combo for beginners or old hands who are interest in sewing and embroidering.

Best Large Hoop Machine for Embroidery

6. SINGER Futura XL-400

The SINGER Futura XL-400 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine is designed to introduce a hassle-free interface for sewing and embroidery work.  In the machine, all the things are incorporated nicely that you love about your machine. Advanced features allow you to show your creativity with adding your personal touches to it. Moreover, it is indeed one of the tech-friendly machines.

Benefits and Features

  • Embroidery area 10X6-inch
  • Includes 125 inbuilt embroidery design
  • Inbuilt 30 sewing stitches
  • 5fonts and letters
  • Multi-hooping capacity
  • 6 bright LED lights
  • Swift threading system
  • Includes embroidery software
  • USB cable
  • 2 automatic one-step buttonhole
  • 3D realistic view

Exclusive Multi-hoop Capacity

Multi-hoop options can easily facilitate the embroidery projects. You can make a large design by using the generous amount of room. With this hoop options, you can create design up to 10×6 inches. But with multi-hoop, you can develop design up to 12×20 inches. Dress, tablecloths, curtains, bathrobes and much more design can easily make with minimal hassle. That’s mean you can make big designs as you can imagine. Even this feature adds a new dimension to the Futura XL-400. Therefore, the hoop size remains as a strong quality for this machine.

Computer Connectivity

The sewing machine comes with a computerized option. It’s very easy to connect to the PC and work with the built-in programs. This machine allows you both edit and creates various designs utilizing the included software on your PC. Different types of software can read the design files like JEF, FHE, XXX, CHE, HUS, PEC, PES, DST, SHV, EXP, PCS, PSW, and VIP & SEW. In this case, a task is less and can enjoy more as to choose your loved designs. However, design can be transfer to the machine via USB cable.

Automatic Swift Smart Thread System

Simply, this system guides the thread to the needle area. So you need not do manually. By pressing the threading lever the thread automatically go to the eye of the needle. Just insert the thread, place the bobbin and begin to sew.


  • Good amount of sewing space
  • Swift Smart Thread System make easy and quick threading
  • Various files compatibilities
  • Well-lit working space
  • Decent numbers of features


  • Small range of stitches includes
  • Some users find the hoop move it becomes make loud noise

Moreover, SINGER Futura XL-400 is an ideal machine for those who want to make designs for learning and fun. Its user-friendly interface makes sewing an interesting and fascinating one for all sewing lovers.

Best Machine For Home Business

7.SINGER XL-580 Futura

The SINGER XL-580 Futura is a premium quality machine that fuses technology with the art of embroidery. It fills with full of futuristic features which will be admired by seamstresses of all levels users. This computerized machine is designed for those who take sewing and embroidery as their passionate work. With this best sewing and embroidery machine combo, you can accomplish various home projects.

Benefits and Features

  • 6.75 X 4 inch endless embroidery hoop
  • Including inbuilt 215 sewing stitches
  • Built-in 250 embroidery design
  • USB key includes
  • Thread spool caps
  • Knee lifter
  • Advance level letter editing
  • Include Autopunch and Hyperfont software
  • Swift threading system
  • Needle up/down option
  • Easy to use
  • Vinyl Accessory Bag

Wide Embroidery Area

Unlike the other machines, it lets you make larger designs without facing much of a hassle. As it equipped with 6.75 X 4-inch endless hoop, so you can access the design from different angles. This also enables users to sew for a longer period of time- without any discomfort. People who are intended to produce the large piece of embroideries like curtains, napkins, table clothes, draperies and couch covers can easily be embellished thanks to the wide embroidery area. For this reason, home-based owners’ love this machine, as it allows them to work at their designs for hours.

Exclusive Inbuilt Designs and Hoops

Singer has comes up with 250 inbuilt unique embroidery designs and 215 sewing stitches patterns. Sewers also can enjoy 20 modern alphabet fonts for monogramming. Even you can resize, rotate and shape the letters using 30 different frames such as wave, arc and banners among others.

Even then, this machine also comes with the long arm so it is particularly useful for a lot of designs such as quilting. Among the other machines on today’s market, this model offers 50 endless hoops. Thanks to this feature, it’s let you create different borders to decorate your design. As you see that the variety is huge and it really enables you to be creative with your work.

Advanced threading system

The Singer XL-580 incorporates the latest Swift Smart threading system. With this technology, you just simply guide the thread to the needle via a single slit of a front panel. Then it easily simplifies the sewing process.


  • Allows to keep the software up-to-date
  • Some bonus software includes with it
  • Huge amount of built-in designs
  • Great performance and design
  • Easy to thread


  • Issue with the bobbin tension system
  • Needle broken

In short, the SINGER XL-580 Futura is a product that offers so many exclusive features.  With the multitude options, you can bring the embroidery to the next level. Moreover, this machine is not just for the beginners rather the one who intended to experience in this art skill.


Best For Everyday Use

8. Bernina Bernette Chicago 7

Bernina Bernette Chicago 7 is the first Bernette combo machine which can sew and embroidery. It is very easy to use and making sewing and embroidery a breeze. Sew lovers will be quick to appreciate its versatile features, robust construction and appealing design quality. Chicago 7 fulfilling your every aspiration by offering a wealth of options for giving creative expression to your ideas.

Benefits and Features

  • 110mm x 170mm Embroidery area
  • 100 embroidery design
  • 153 decorative stitches
  • Needle positions- 6
  • Stitches width -7mm
  • 2 alphabet
  • Monogramming alphabet- 1
  • Buttonholes-8
  • LCD display
  • LED lights
  • Stitches per minute- 80
  • 8 needle capacity
  • Start/Stop button

Versatile- Embroidery Modula

The Chicago 7 leads a double life such as sewing and embroidery. It not only makes sewing garments, by attaching embroidery module it can transform into the embroidery machine. Selecting the embroidery module it takes you to the embroidery zone. In that area, you will find 100 built-in embroidery designs and fonts available there. However, all the designs you can rotate. Even you can add your own desire design via USB stick.

Built-in Designs

Whilst the Chicago 7 offers a huge amount of built-in designs, but are free to add your own preferences. It includes over 153 decorative stitches, 14 utility stitches, 2 darning stitches, 2 alphabet, 2 eyelet and 100 embroidery designs. All the features will definitely enhance your creative thoughts. Even, the automatic one-step buttonhole and simple threading system are another versatile addition to this machine. Moreover, these features will help you to accomplish your sewing projects quickly and easily.

Monitoring Needle Thread and Checking Bobbin Thread

Another versatile quality of Chicago 7 is monitoring needle thread and checking bobbin thread. While the spool or thread is empty, the needle will stop the embroidery work automatically. Even the bobbin is also checked before any operations. However, these features ensure you a reliable work.


  • Affordable sewing and embroidery machine
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Bernina Cutwork software is Compatible with it.
  • Neat and clean stitches.


  • Bit Slower
  • No auto tension

Over and above, the Bernina Bernette Chicago 7 is perfect for those who want to express their creativeness. It will simply amaze you with its versatile designs and features. No matter if you a professional or beginner sewists, it would serve the best.

Best Sewing Machine For Embroidery

9. SINGER SE300 Legacy

The SINGER SE300 Legacy represents a new era of sewing and embroidery machine. A wide range of new designs and features is clearly suggested that this machine is perfect for advanced level users. Even, it is also popular among the people who are just starting to learn sewing as well as individuals who made sewing as their hobby. Moreover, compared to the Singer’s other products, this SINGER SE300 reign as a bestseller machine.

Benefits and Features

  • Include 200 inbuilt embroidery designs
  • Inbuilt 250 stitches
  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • LCD touchscreen display
  • 2 embroidery hoop
  • 6 lettering options
  • USB stick
  • Consist of downloadable software
  • Automatic thread cutter

Versatile Built-in Stitches

A most impressive feature of this machine is 250 inbuilt stitches. It provides sewers more options for every project they do. All you have to do just choose your desire stitches and machine will sew the fabric with ease. The 250 built-in stitches include 8 basic, 10 One Touch basic, 7 stretch, 18 satin, 22 quilting, 23 elongation, 30 heirloom stitches,118 decorative and 14 fully automatic buttonholes. As you see the features are huge. With these, you can travel out into new and more experience fields of sewing. However, based on its built-in design it can consider as best sewing machine for stitching and embroidery.

Downloadable Software

The complementary software is incorporated into this SINGER SE300 machine. You can add this when you need to be creative with the stitches. Actually, the software is powering the embroidery machine. You can easily update the software to keep it at best performance level as well as go with the flow of seamstress.

High-Speed Machine

Any kind of work depends on the speed level. If it goes with proper speed, the project will go smoothly. In case of sewers, it’s also happened. Advance level users become stuck with their sewing machine if that doesn’t perform quickly enough. But thanks to this SE300 machine, it can do 700 stitches in embroidery and 800 stitches in sewing machine per minute– for efficient work.


  • Wide range of built-in design library
  • Large embroidery area
  • Illuminate working area
  • USB sticks includes with it
  • Auto threading and tension options work smoothly


  • Needle pack is not well marked
  • Assembly instruction is just unclear

All in all, this SINGER SE300 Legacy is the best sewing and embroidery combo pack for those who need lots of features. It’s actually helping them to make something innovative using these features. Moreover, this machine gets good reviews from users for its best sewing machine with embroidery function.


Considerations for Selecting a Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Purchasing a best sewing and embroidery machine is a considerable task. So, it’s important to look into some criteria that make sure you are picking the right product for you. In that case, consider factors while choosing a sewing and embroidery machine.

  • Maximum Hoop Size

The hoop size is what holds your fabrics tightly so that embroidery turns out even. With the large hoop area you can easily make the small pattern but in a small area can never hold bigger pattern. In that case, a large area is better. It gives you proper space to make your project versatile.  Usually, large area machines are more expensive. So, you need to pay attention to the size of the hoop whether it’s large enough to fit your needs. Well, some machines offer additional hoops so that you can expand your capacity.

  • Number of Designs

All the machines come with some built-in designs and fonts. Basic machines tend to have fewer fonts and fewer than 50 per-programed designs. But high-end machines offer a large amount of fonts like 10-12 and over 250 designs. Though embroidery machines have nearly offered no designs sewing machines may have 250 designs or more straight out of the box.

  • Built-in Stitches

Different machines are incorporate with the different range of stitches. Its range may be included as little as 24 to as large a 250 stitches. Using these features you can enhance your creative and innovative ideas in your design. Moreover, these stitches may allow whether or not you use some embroidery design based on your preferences.

  • Computer Connectivity

Using this amazing feature you can easily get newer and more specialized design such as company’s logos on your machine. Not only that, you also have the options to download more patterns and designs. Even you can create your own design using different programs on your computer. In this way, it can save your time and money pursuing down when you need them.

  • Editing Quality

When you get the new machine, you may be interested to do something interesting with the designs. You might find a great design but may be too big or too colourful or you think border can make it more gorgeous. So, for your concern, editing comes in. Even not all the sewing and embroidery machines allow you to edit the designs or templates, before you begin to stitches. Because sometimes when you run on the instances may not bring great for you. This is why smaller changes can make huge changes in your work.

  • Memory of the Machine

A machine is a computerized piece of equipment. It can remember a lot of things like our brain. It means the machine can tell you how many designs you can add before starting the design or deleting them. Also which, additional designs are not free or you have to pay for them. Not all the machines are this memory capability so does not try everything hang on it. Because you don’t know how big the memory is.

Other Considerations

There are some other factors that may affect your decision. By knowing about them you can make an informed choice.

  • Brand

There are a number of brands manufacture sewing and embroidery machines. While everyone tries to build their best one but some has achieved better reputation than others. Manufacture like Brother and Singer are known for producing high-quality sewing and embroidery machine for home users at the reasonable price.

  • Accessories

The range of simplest items such as bobbin, presser feet, and a card with latest design patterns are included from the manufactures. In spite of these, you may need any future accessories for your machine. If that is available, make sure you know about that well.

  • Convenient Features

A range of convenient features is offered by manufacturers for both sewing and embroidery machines. These features are pressure sensors, automatic threaders, auto-thread cutting, bobbin and more. You also check these features before you buy the products.

Warping Up

After looking so many variations of sewing and embroidery machine and reading a notable amount of reviews, we assemble a list of what we consider best sewing and embroidery machine. In our consideration list, you can find various significant options that make your project work easier. Without any doubt, sewing and embroidery machines are competent enough to produce significant result. But get the worthy results that will be making you happy, you need to invest the right amount in it. As this invests associates with your thought and time, it will help you to choose the machines that fit your needs and budget. Moreover, use the best sewing and embroidery machine reviews that you will find on this site to make an empowered decision. Good luck and happy sewing.

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